The Brooklyn is a stunning one piece configuration that has been designed with the whole family in mind.

The entry point steps down into a versatile area that is perfect as a toddler’s play area or a water lounge to sit and relax in.

The generous swimming area has been designed to be totally un-obstructed, which is ideal for swimming laps and active families. There is no other pool that can offer all of these features. With its square lines and designer looks we’re sure your whole family will love it.

All Blue Marlin Pools have a safety step ledge (100mm wide) around the entire perimeter of the pool.

Dimensions (WIDE RANGE)
Length(m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
12.1m 4.4m 2.08m 1.34m
10.6m 4.4m 1.9m 1.34m
9.6m 4.4m 1.85m 1.34m
8.6m 4.4m 1.8m 1.34m
7.6m 4.4m 1.70m 1.34m




Dimensions (SLIM RANGE)
Length(m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
8.2m 3.5m 1.74m 1.34m
7.2m 3.5m 1.66m 1.34m
6.2m 3.5m 1.6m 1.34m
Inspiration Gallery

Hi Blue Marlin Team, just wanted to say thank you so much for our beautiful pool. Putting a pool in was a lot easier than we thought, our experience with you was wonderful and the little ones just loved watching the progress every day! We seem to have made plenty of friends with the neighbours wanting to come around for a swim!

Carl & Jane Rennick, Cranbourne