Free No Obligation Quotation

A site inspection will allow us to complete a final quote that is tailored to your specifications.


  1. Early arrival of the staff to mark out the site and review the pool location
  2. Excavation
  3. Placement and screeding of the “bed” for the pool
  4. Placement and levelling of the pool, in-situ, followed by the plumbing and connecting of the pool to the filtration system
  5. Filling and backfilling of the pool and placement of any required drainage provisions
  6. Addition of chemicals, set up and pouring of the concrete pathway
  7. Additional work contracted i.e. solar, gas, electric heating

Other Considerations

To avoid any “unwelcome” surprises please consider your situation in relation to the below items and any other costs that may need to be addressed.

Power Source

A standard pool requires two power points at the location of the filtration (which is usually up to 10m from the deep end of the pool). If you are purchasing an underwater pool light and/or spa, each of these will require a separate outlet, that should be located no more than 14m away for maximum brightness.


If your proposed pool area is not level, please consider the possibility of needing to either build up the surrounding area or alternatively excavating and benching it. Consider the need for retaining structures and the effect that altered land will have on your surface drainage.

Application Fees

The prices quoted include the cost of the Engineers plans, the Builders Completion Insurance, and the Building Permit fee. The client may be required to pay for any council crossing boards, town planning permits, dropping of power lines, etc., that the individual site requires. Landscaping is not included.